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Digital skill Awareness Workshop

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Project: In this race of technological information revolution, the whole world has become a global village. Everything is becoming dependent on mobile and internet. With the advancement of technology, the village-city gap has definitely disappeared. But, even today the village lags behind the latest technical know-how. If the youth are given updated and authentic information from adolescence, then they will avoid getting distracted in the virtual world and will also be able to give the right place to the future.

It is in this context that Goalway Edu has started a skill based workshop for the youth of rural India. In the workshop, rural adolescent girls/boys from class 8th to 12th will get an opportunity to learn digital based skills. In which workshops will be organized on the subject of web designing, e-commerce, digital marketing etc. keeping information technology and career in the center. Where rural youth will get real use of information technology, employment and creative knowledge. Even today, the village is behind the urban system, so technical education is also not getting suitable. If rural youth are educated as well as understanding of IT, Internet etc. with school education, then undoubtedly they will be associated with employment and become Research Scholar in the field of IT and they will bring laurels to the country and the world.

What is Golway Edu?

'Goalway Edu' is an educational institution dedicated to the cause of educational development and competition. The main goal is to inculcate the investigative instinct and the spirit of competition among the school children. 'Goalway Edu' has been established by academicians and media persons with the aim of promoting Mathematics, Science, Social Science, General Knowledge, English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu, Computer and Vocational courses. Goalway Edu is taking strong initiatives of scientific and competitive approach through digital tools/IT/other resources to provide latest, innovative, employable education to school students and adults through online and offline modes.

It is mandatory to attend the workshop-

1. All students above class 8th

2. Ignorant and curious about IT