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Knowledge Center

The knowledge center of is online/offline, which is a platform to provide cheap and convenient quality education to the students of remote areas from the city. Through this platform, the youth of rural India have to develop teaching skills with the help of modern technology and innovative concepts of thematic knowledge. All the students have to commit for the competitive examinations from the very beginning. To prepare for national/international level competition. This program is to be installed at all places in India.

 Key points:

  •  Learning Online/offline/live classes Subject's wise basic knowledge Skill Based Education

  • Modern Technology based

  • Competitive

  • Remedial Classes

  • Life skilled

  • Motivational


Language : English/Hindi

Who can open?


  • Coaching centers setup in rural areas.

  • Any Institutions teaching classes 6-12

  • The company can open itself at the required places

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Bhagwanpur, Muzaffarpur, Bihar, 842001, India

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