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 Genius Test

Introduction: Genius is one of the important programs of Goalway. Through this identification of meritorious students. By doing this, there is a change in their internal and external knowledge, skills and behavior. In the present context, the desired subject is to combine knowledge-science, general information and hidden talent for new contexts, new paradigms, new knowledge base. So that the children are fully prepared for the future competition. To equip the talented students with thematic information to meet the challenges of the future by conducting academic evaluation. specially this initiative will prove to be a milestone for those students, whose dreams are big but due to economic, social and environment, the goals become goalless. Even if the target is set, they fail to achieve the target due to appropriate resources and traditional education approach. They lag behind in competitive examinations and competition. Dreams can't fly.


Key Points :

1. To identify talented students from rural and urban areas through genius test.

2. To conduct genius program at National/International level.


3. Enhancing the academic achievements of the successful students in the genius test. Bringing in appropriate counseling and behavioral changes, making them strong for competitive competition.

4. Evaluation at national/international level. Score card, certificate, award.

5. To give advice to the successful candidate in the competition for doing online/offline courses for various subjects.

Academic Improvements:

Main focus of this program- Civil services, Defense, Banking sector, education sector, Health sector, Science Sector, Art Sector, Research, Engineering, Net/Set/Tet/Ctet/ all. To prepare children for the Admission Test exams from their teenagers.

Register Below

Application Process:

1- Apply online

2- Click Genius on the webpage. Fill the online form as per the instructions.


3- Wait till it is confirmed.

4- submission of enrollment


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Mode of Genius Test :

  • Test will be conducted in Online mode

  • No. of questions 50

  • Marks 50x2=100

  • Passing Score 45%

  • Exam time 1.5 hours

  • No negative marking

  • Result will be Published after one week

  • Syllabus: Special Personality, Scientist, Discovery, Current Affairs, Historical Heritage, IT, Earth, Solar System

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