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About Us

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Goalway is an educational institution dedicated to the cause of educational development and competition. Its main goal is to inculcate the spirit of investigative and competitiveness among the school children.

Goalway has been established by academicians and media persons with the aim of promoting Mathematics, Science, Social Science, General Knowledge, English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu, Computer and Vocational courses.

Goalway is taking strong initiatives of scientific and competitive approach through digital tools/IT/other resources to provide latest, inventive, employable education to school students and adults through online and offline modes.

Today the whole world is dependent on science and information technology. Resourceful children are getting future ready by using adequate educational resources. Coming top in competitive exams. The same underprivileged children are left behind in this competition. Goalway is trying to pave the way for the all round development of backward and resourceless children with new paradigm of child psychology methods.

Goalway is committed to the fulfillment of its objectives. It is paving the way for children and youth through educative, exploratory, informative, research activities. In future, Goalway will run new concepts and activities for academic, competitive and skill development so that the learner can develop.

Our Mission

To identify young talents and prepare them for competition, subject understanding and innovative research, where they can prove themselves at the global level.

Main point:-

1. Identifying talented students

2. To ensure participation of poor students in national/international level programs and competitions.


3. To inculcate a basic understanding of the subject and new perspective in the students


4. To prepare for future competition through competitive examinations, quizzes


5. To create understanding among the children by making the school curriculum i.e. the syllabus of all the boards simple, practical, practical.


6. To develop state-of-the-art knowledge, skills and techniques in science, art, IT, business disciplines


7. To make study/teaching practical, practical, narrative and advanced.


8. To conduct program/award function/stipend/award etc. for teacher.


9. Digitization of study materials.


10. To conduct research for education and innovation. Publishing reports. Publishing e-magazine/e-book.

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